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When is the best time to sell your property?

When is the best time to sell your property?

Larger houses with gardens, generally considered family homes, receive most interest out with school holidays. If you’re trying to sell your property to families, bear in mind that these potential buyers are likely to be preoccupied with children or be on holiday during holiday periods.

If you have a small house or flat to sell, your main target is the first-time buyer or young couple. Without a property to sell they’re in a great buying position – and generally available to buy all year round! Having said that, first time buyers are likely to have done their research and know spring is the best time of year to buy.

Bungalows and ground floor flats generate most interest from the downsizers or retirees – the best time to advertise these types of properties is during the warmer late spring and summer months when school holidays are unlikely to be an issue!

Is your property in a town centre? If so, you’re lucky, the time of year you choose to sell is not such an issue. If you have a rural property to sell, aim to sell during warm and dry months. A rural property is infinitely more appealing in the sun!

If you’re in no rush, look at what is currently for sale – is the market saturated with your type of property? Study online portals – is there a quick turnaround or is your type of property stagnating?


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