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Sale fall through rates

Sale fall through rates

In the UK, the annual property sale fall-through figure has consistently been around 30% since 2012.
At Walker Scott Ireland, this figure is significantly below the UK average – studies have shown that ensuring clients and buyers have realistic expectations reduces the chance of the sale falling through. We believe honest marketing and sales advice reduces the stress of a property sale. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is!


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Your house is many things to you – “bricks and mortar”; an investment; a roof over your head. But most importantly, it is home. Whatever residential service we provide, we recognise this. It is personal to you and we make sure it is personal to us.

Our understanding of the countryside and all that it provides runs deep. Agricultural properties, be they farmhouse, steading or land are the essential components to a successful enterprise. Our passion for farm property helps release your passion for farm production.

Whether an investment; a place of work; a future development, your property needs to work hard for you. The income it provides or space to trade from is key to you and your future. We make sure that your business is our business.